Genesis of the quest forum- A labour of love-part2

Why going public with QUEST?Is there any hidden agenda?To tell the truth there is nothing of that sort except for some head fakes in late Prof.Randy’s terminology. First thing, As Gibran said that Life is indeed dark except when there is urge-(yearning or craving) and all that craving is blind (unwilling or unable to understand something) except when there is knowledge(clear awareness/understanding) and all that knowledge is vain(devoid of substance or meaning) except when there is work(a purposeful effort-physical or mental) and all work is empty(meaningless or lack vitality) except when there is love. Gibran says work is love made visible.So point number one -to make my love especially to my students in particular and humanity in general this action. So I claim it is a labour of love. For me love has never been( at least that is what I have been trying) a thread connecting two pegs but an aura engulfing all around. If Gandhi would like to call his auto-biography experiments with truth I would call my life story as experiments with love.

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