If I could be Hanumanji

We are often confronted by a question-whether what we are doing is right or wrong? We all like to be doing the right thing always!! Who wants to be wrong!!!Then what do you mean by wrong. It is the others presumption about your actions. From the actions or rather reactions to your actions you realize that something had gone wrong which very often you may not have even imagined at all. Most often we do things with some good intentions! At least that is what we think of our actions!!Your actions are a culmination of a series of thought processes within you-Your thought processes directs you to certain action. There is a certain element of helplessness in act in way as per your understanding of things which is formed partially through nature and partially nurture. But even a well-intended action can also backfire. The affected party need not take it that way.He/she is also limited by his own understanding of things. Who is at fault?I really do not have an answer.Only caution here is that when you act it should not me impulsive and a lot of introspection should prelude your actions so that damage is minimal do not say that we have complete control over actions. We have to understand this basic limitation of our actions. So actions can go terribly wrong at times. The reactions could be dramatically opposite to your anticipated Worst till your good intentions could be misunderstood.You may be at loss of words to explain your actions. All need not be very articulate enough to elaborate one’s actions even though you are sure you had all the right intentions. At times you wish you could be like Hanumanji who could open his heart and show the devotion to Ram & Sita!! But simple mortals like us do not have this capability we have to be contented with what we have . One precaution is try to avoid being impulsive.
(This was written in response to one of my recent actions which was miserably misunderstood!!)

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