Impulse response

In signals and systems the impulse response means the response of a system to signal of very small duration which abruptly occurs.We studied (thanks to ISTE workshop on signals & systems in Jan2014) that even though the impulse lasts for a very small very duration the response of the systems may not be so.It can even produce irreversible changes or permanent changes in the system. I would like to extend this analogy to human systems.Very often we react/act to someone in an impulsive manner.In human case the impulse signals means an action without much fore-thoughts-action which are not backed by proper thought process.Something you do on the spur of the moment.Here also even though your action lasts for a very small duration the effect of it on the system –mind you here we are talking of human response -it can be irreversible and can causeĀ  damages beyond repair.Any amountĀ  of damage control could be in vain.So it is best avoided if you value healthy human relations.

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