Why I do not like to be called a scientist even though I love science

scientistAs a kid I dreamt of becoming a scientist. For me scientist was a kind of lonely person isolated from the world and has only his work in his mind. My hero was Archimedes for obvious reasons!!As years passed my first disappointment was that so called real scientist ‘use reason to foster unreason’ like in the fable of the eighth leg of the spider when it is cut turning it into deaf.

Let me elaborate this story:there was a certain scientist demonstrating his new theory through experimentation.There was a spider on the table.He will ask the spider to move it will move.He remove of its legs.Again he asked it to move.It moved.One by one he removed all its legs.No legs were left he asked it to move.It did not.He concluded””When all legs of the spider is removed it becomes deaf!!

I left the so called scientific methodology and thought that being scientific means being analytical in life applying rationality in all walks of life never believe in anything blindly; look for facts and again leaving scope for improvements. Science is an evolution what you believed true today may be proved wrong tomorrow. So be ready to accept it without being stubborn.

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