Genesis of the quest forum-A labour of love-part 3


Now coming to second point –Knowledge and understanding of things (knowledge is not just data collection-but first part of knowledge is data collection-data collection can have many ways(reading books, watching TV, interacting with people who has already got data in that area of knowledge, internet etc)data collection should be followed by processing of that data once we do that we can say that we understand things. Very often one’s own data processing step could be faulty-we may see things with a jaundiced eye because of our personal biases and prejudices. There comes the importance of discussions and meetings of fellow seekers. Being an introvert for so long I never understood the importance this thing till recent times. So even though I was a seeker I was seeking it from inanimate sources. But lately I realized my folly and started seeking out. It can be a wonderful experience also. When we were in schools we were taught in Malayalam that ‘vidya’(knowledge) is only the treasure which when you share with others it increases. And it is never one way and it is always a mutually beneficial experience. That is why the central theme in quest is kept as that “whenever I come to the fountain to drink I find the living water itself thirsty;
And it drinks me while I drink it”.(Gibran) It is enriching each other.

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