Why I love to quote from “the prohet”-Khalil Gibran

kahlil-gibran- Many people may be surprised and may like to ask me this question that whenever I make any public appearance (not that very often I do that In fact it is rare.But in the recent past because my involvement with the quest forum the frequency has slightly increased) I often quote the works of Khalil Gibran, Labanese born American writer that too his only one book,The prophet.To some it may appear that it is the only book I have read so far or I am not familiar with any other authors.The fact is something else.Hence, a small clarification.
We the humans have a special problem.(I do not know how the other species in the animal kingdom manages it.) We would like to express what is going inside our mind/brain to other
fellow beings. Brain is the center of all our thought processes.That thought process can not be as such transferred to other mind .We need to develop some technique to do that.As an evolved species we have developed a way out-developed language/languages for it.We try to code our thought process into some language and broadcast.As with any communication system at the receiver side it has to bdecoded.Once decoded it should produce the same thoughts/feelings in the receivers’ brain/mind.But for effective communication coding and decoding has to be effectively matched.Any mismatch in it is going to cause error which can cause mis-understanding instead of understanding.The transmitter and receiver capabilities are different and most often transmitter is broad casting especially in public appearance.So it is one to many and not one to one.So most often it can end up in mess.A coding process which takes care of all these is very difficult to come because of the number of variables involved.At the same time we want to communicate our thoughts/feelings.Here we can look for an existing code and if satisfies your requirements and you feel that it is better than your coding and hence it may create less errors/misunderstandings could be a good choice.This is specially important when you are broadcasting and not having one to one or having one to many.Ever since I have gone through Gibran’s work especially ‘The prophet’ I felt that his coding is much better and I can very well use his code for expressing myself and will have universal appeal as compared to my code.
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